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March Investment and Lending Updates

With interest rates still on everyone’s minds, and the government looking to reinstate full interest deductibility on residential investment properties over the next year or so, we thought it timely to have a another chat with our Lending Specialist, Adrian Dale.

In this update, Adrian offers his insights on the headwinds and tailwinds for mortgage rates and house prices.

We invite you to watch the webinar below for further insights.

As a new financial year approaches, we start to look to the end of the KiwiSaver year (which runs 1st July to 30th June).

Trilogy’s Investment Specialist Chiti is a big advocate of KiwiSaver for investors and feels it is a no-brainer investment option for all Kiwis. What other investment gives you a guaranteed 50% return on your first $1,042 contributed in a year?

Trilogy deals with seven KiwiSaver providers (Booster, Milford, Generate, ANZ, AMP, Fisher Funds and Nikko AM). The latest addition to our list is Generate.

At Trilogy, we have the knowledge, skills, capabilities and tools to provide good quality financial advice to grow your savings to meet your goals.

Given this news, Chiti sat down with our paraplanner, Cam, to discuss the benefits of KiwiSaver, why Kiwis should be enrolled and how to maximise KiwiSavers benefits, including how your own contributions can impact your future balance.

This webinar is available, for your information, below:


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