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Investment Planning

Our approach to investing includes understanding your personal risk profile and diversifying your portfolio. This ensures minimising your risk while maximising your potential returns with an investment strategy that’s tailored to you. We pride ourselves in being transparent so you are able to make fully-informed financial decisions.

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Retirement Planning

Far too many people underestimate just how much money they will require at retirement especially if they have become accustomed to a certain quality of life pre-retirement. We aim to help you maximise your retirement savings so you can have a retirement to look forward to. It is never too late or too early to start a plan.

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Residential Lending/ Mortgages

We provide a full brokerage service with the main banks in NZ. Whether you are a first home buyer, investor, upgrading or downsizing - we can help you reach your goal. By using an adviser from our team we will ensure you receive a competitive offer in terms of rates and cash but also provide you sound advice on structure that sits in line with your short, medium and longer-term goals. Leave the heavy lifting to us!

Trilogy Financial Solutions does not provide Life and Health Insurance advice.  

For further advice here visit our sister company

Morris & Co Financial Advisers

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