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Investment Update with First Sentier Investors – August 2023

At the start of 2022, when most asset classes began to fall, one continued to hold its own, perfectly illustrating the importance of a well-diversified portfolio. This bright spot in the first two quarters of 2022: infrastructure.

We’ve seen plenty of positivity in the market across the board this year which means asset-specific performance gets lost in the mix. This being said, we thought it was an opportune time to reflect on 2022 and get some insight into the positivity Infrastructure presented.

To give his views, Trilogy is pleased to introduce Trent Koch, Portfolio Manager for the Global Listed Infrastructure team at First Sentier Investors. Trent has more than 20 years investment experience during which time he has managed both listed and unlisted infrastructure investments.

In today’s investment update, Trent sits down with Chiti, Trilogy’s Investment Specialist, to discuss the outlook for infrastructure, the role of interest rates and the difference between public and private infrastructure.

Disclaimer: This video is for information purposes only and should not be treated as financial advice. To the extent permitted by law, First Sentier Investors (Australia) Services Pty Limited, and Trilogy Financial Solutions NZ Limited, do not accept any responsibility or liability arising from your use of this information. The views and opinions expressed in this webinar are those of the speakers and do not necessarily represent the view of First Sentier Investors (Australia) Services Pty Limited. FundRock NZ Limited (“FundRock”) is the issuer and manager of the First Sentier Responsible Listed Infrastructure Fund (“Fund”). First Sentier Investors (Australia) Services Pty Limited (“FSI”) is the investment manager of the Fund. A copy of the Product Disclosure Statement for the Fund is available from FSI or FundRock and on or


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