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Investment Update with Fisher Funds – November 2023

As we approach the end of the year, Trilogy is pleased to present its final Fund Manager Investment Update for 2023.

This month, Chiti was pleased to chat with Harry Smith, Portfolio Manager for Fisher Funds. Harry has worked at Fisher for 6 years having previously spent time in London and Washington DC.

In this webinar, Harry tells Chiti what he sees happening in the markets, at the moment, why bad news for the economy doesn’t necessarily signal bad news for markets, and how The Magnificent Seven have performed in 2023 (and what we can expect from them in future).

Disclaimer: This video is for information purposes only and should not be treated as financial advice. To the extent permitted by law, Fisher Funds Management Limited, and Trilogy Financial Solutions NZ Limited, do not accept any responsibility or liability arising from your use of this information.

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